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How to View Errors on Submitting Browser-enabled InfoPath Forms

InfoPath List Settings in MOSS 2007
If you get an error when clicking the ‘Submit’ button on a browser-enabled InfoPath form you will not get any feedback on the error if the form is opened up in the browser.
Solution: Change the settings in the list to force the form to open up in InfoPath instead of browser. When you get the error in InfoPath there is a ‘Details’ button that will help you debug the issue.

SharePoint Forms Services and InfoPath Forms

This video by Ted Pattison rocks: Creating Browswer Enabled Forms with InfoPath 2007

Facts to remember: 

  • InfoPath forms are electronic forms based on xml schema
  • Forms Services is a new component of MOSS 2007
  • Forms Services allows creating browser-enabled Forms with InfoPath 2007

Video Demo structure:

  1. Build an InfoPath form that will target the broswer
  2. Configure MOSS 2007 to make sure Forms Services is turned on
  3. Publish InfoPath Form to a SP Forms Library
  4. Test Form in browser

The option to publish the form directly to a Sharepoint Document/Form Library or to a Content Type will be given in the publishing wizard.

Instructions on how to add a ‘Submit’ button can be found in Chapter 10 of ‘Beginning Sharepoint 2007’ by WROX.