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Setting My Site Blog to Allow Comments from All

By default, comments are not enabled with a new My Site blog. To allow users to make comments:
  • Under Admin Links in right menu, click ‘Manage Comments’…
  • Then click Settings > List Settings > Permissions for this list…
  • Then check the box next to Visitors group
  • Then in ‘Actions’ drop-down menu, click ‘Edit User Permissions’
  • Check ‘Contribute’ (uncheck ‘Read’ or leave it)
  • Now refresh browser window and the Comments box should appear.

Video Tutorial (1 minute): How to Enable Comments on My Site Blog:

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SharePoint My Site Storage Quota

To increase storage quota for creation of new My Sites:
  • Central Administration (administrator access only)
  • Shared Services Administration
  • On Web Application, click drop-down menu and select My Site web application
  • On Default Quota Template, click drop-down menu and select desired new quota amount

Note: This change will only take effect for newly created My Sites. My Sites that are already created DO NOT inherit this new setting. They must be changed individually or by using a application (see CodePlex app).

To increase storage quota for My Sites already created:

  • Central Administration
  • Application Management
  • Under SharePoint Site Mangagement, click on Site Collection Quotas and Locks
  • Find the user’s personal site, click on it
  • In the Site Collection drop-down box, make sure it says
  • In Site Quota Information section, click the Current Quota Template drop-down box and select the new desired amount
  • Click OK