How To Delete Link to View All Site Content

This SharePoint tutorial is especially useful for sites on an extranet implementation, where external users don’t need to have the same access as your internal users. In this case, I need to delete the link to View All Site Content from the Quick Launch Bar so that links to lists are unavailable.

Note: This does not restrict their access to any of the lists or libraries here. They can still access these if they have the address. You will need to restrict permissions for each list and library individually.

Here are the steps I used to delete the link from the Quick Launch Bar:

  • Open the ‘default.master’ page in SP Designer located in the ‘Folder List’ on the left at: _catalogs –> masterpage –> default.master
  • Comment out the grey text below
  • Save the File
  • Don’t forget to check-in this file and then approve it (if needed)

Video Tutorial: How to Delete the View All Site Content Link in SharePoint Designer 2007:

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