Adding Templates to New Button in Document Libraries


How do you upload your own templates into SP Document Libraries so that they appear as an option when you click on the New button?


Part I: Creating the Content Type in a SharePoint Site Collection

  1. Go to the home page of your site collection and click Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings
  2. Under Galleries, click ‘Site content types’:
  3. Click ‘Create’ in the top left area:
    • Click Create
  4. Enter Name and Description, select Parent Content Type and which group of content types to store your in. Then click ‘OK’ button. Note: The Description will appear under the Name in the ‘New’ button drop-drown menu.
    • Name and Description
  5. On the Site Content Type page, click on ‘Advanced Settings’
    1. If the template is in SharePoint already or somewhere else on the web, enter the URL for it, otherwise choose the option to upload the template.
    2. Should the content type be read only? Check ‘No’ i fyou want people to be able to use the template
    3. In most cases, leave ‘Update all content types inheriting from this type?’ Checked ‘Yes.’
    • CT Advanced Settings

Part II: Adding the Content Type to a Document Library

  1. First, go to the Document Library that you want to add the template to and click Settings > Document Library Settings.
    • Doc Library Settings1
  2. Under the General Settings, click Advanced Settings and make sure that the ‘Allow Management of Content Types?’ setting has ‘Yes’ selected. Then click the ‘OK’ button:
  3. Then,  under Content Types on the Document Library Settings page, click ‘Add from existing site content types’:
    • Doc Library Settings2
  4. On the ‘Add Content Types’ :
    1. Select ‘Document Content Types’ from the drop-down menu or appropriate content type for what you just added
    2. Then, select the name of the content type that you just added to highlight it
    3. Then, click the ‘Add’ button to move it to the right window pane
    4. Click ‘Ok’ button
    • Add Content Types
  5. Click ‘Change button order and default content type’:
    1. On the ‘Change New Button Order and Default Content Type’ page, uncheck the box next to Document to make it invisible
    2. Change your new template to the ‘1’ position to make it the default
    3. Click ‘Ok’ button
    • Change Button Order

You are finished! Now when you click on the New button in your Document Library you should see the new template as an option.

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